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Did you ever think that HARRY made the decision to use a fake name? Also Sierra and Alex are probably the sweetest people in the world so if there is any shady business going on its probably the label not Sierra and Alex.

are you for real? how do you even read that in my post?

of course alex & sierra didn’t made the choice and of course harry didn’t either (or if he did, it wasn’t to harm anyone and it was way before alex and sierra happened, that alias is not related to this song only), it’s business and industry, decisions are made by people higher than them. nowhere in my post i said that i think alex & sierra are some evil due who decided to steal a song or use fake credits to harm harry, i am just wondering why is it happening and some people already pointed out that maybe it’s copyrights issues with harry’s name or maybe because music industry turns to not take boyband members seriously. i’ve been in this world long enough to know how music industry works, these are never decisions made by artists themselves.

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shady song business with alex & sierra

Recent events and CSI people of this fandom reminded me that everything related to this band really is super shady with Mick Greenberg and Alex&Sierra song being the latest mystery.

1. Alex & Sierra supposedly met Harry Styles and One Direction on XFactor during November 2013 when they sang a (nice) cover of “Best Song Ever” and got support from One Direction boys themselves. As a result they also had a lot of media coverage and promo, and probably support from 1D fandom:


And loads of sites talked about how “After Alex and Sierra found out that Harry said they were his favorite, they were pretty excited." There were stories about Harry approaching them in the backstage and expressing his love for them (sorry, I am too lazy to link, but just google this and tons will show up).

2. Then during February 2014 articles about Harry writing a song with John Legend for Alex and Sierra showed up, everyone starting from Mirror and ending with Sugarscape buzzed about it.


Sierra said: “Our favourite [song] is one that Harry Styles wrote with John Legend, it’s beautiful and lovely [Harry] is actually an amazing writer, he’s pitched us a few other good ones and they’re really good. (x)”

3. Then comes July 2014 and news about how Alex & Sierra axed the song. They even talked about it on twitter:


Note that multiple articles talk about known lyrics of the song being:  "I saw your face, I heard your name / Felt the blood rushing through my veins / I still remember / How could I forget?"

4. Comes Septemebr 30th and video of “I Love You”, a song performed by Alex & Sierra is posted on their YouTube channel. Quick search on ASCAP site lists Harry Styles as one of the writers with Johan Carlsson.


1D fandom is super excited and everyone tweets about this. Alex & Sierra denies Harry Styles being the author and tells that authors are Johan Carlsson and Mick Greenber. I saw that tweet with my own eyes but now it’s gone (why why why???)


While that tweet is deleted, this one still exists:


So we have Alex & Sierra denying they recorded a song written by John Legend and Harry Styles, plus lyrics of the song does also not match the lyrics that were previously mentioned by Mirror and other sites.

And well, that would be all fine and dandy, not the first time ASCAP has song writers listed wrong (how does one accidentaly type in Harry Styles when typing Mick Greenberg?), but then the fandom figured out who Mike Greenberg, co-author of “I Love You” song is. Long story short when searched on ASCAP as author, results list songs written by Harry Styles, plus he has used Mick as pseudonym before so it’s obvious that Harry Styles =  Mick Greenberg.

Soon after that Alex & Sierra deletes the tweet about authors of the song and song “I Love You” performed by them is no longer listed in ASCAP at all. 

Digging deeper this may we found out there is a song called “I Fell In Love With A Beautiful Girl” listed in ASCAP as written by Harry Styles, even Sugarscape and other sites mentioned it. Note that the new Alex & Sierra song starts with lines I fell in love with a beautiful girl / And she still takes my breath away. And guess who is co-writer of that song? Johan Carlsson, yup.


I don’t know if Harry and John Legend wrote a song that was rejected and we are talking about two different songs here or is it the same and modified (but original lyrics does not match and John Legend is not listed anywhere for the new song unless he too uses a pseudonym), but I know for sure that they have a song written by Harry Styles under a pseudonym and I really want to know why, and I want to know why they made a such a big deal about Harry writing a song for them and then even bigger about not using it… maybe the public reaction was bad? Maybe they tested the waters and realized that it’s not a good idea to be associated with Harry? maybe because music critics are snobs, maybe because they don’t want people to tell them they only got popular because of Harry? Who knows, but again, this band is shady af.

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harry styles has such a love affair with paige denim that he even splurged £551 on a pair of women’s black leather edgemont jeans (x)

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title: long hair don’t care

words/rating: 20k, explicit

author: ballsdeepinjesus

summary: He catches his breath and stands, brushing dirt off of his breeches when he hears a scared peep behind him. Louis spins around, startled, and is greeted by the sight of an extremely pale boy with extremely luscious dark brown curls. His hand starts to reach out involuntarily to try and pet his hair, but he stops it quickly and tries to smooth it into a bow. He glances up, fluttering his lashes, and levels the trembling boy with a charming smile.

“Hi,” he drawls. He doesn’t see the frying pan until it’s too late. Everything goes black.

[harry is sheltered and louis is a thief. or, a tangled au.]

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Close-up of fond Louis and his smiley mouth twitch while looking at Harry tying Liam’s shoes - 28/9


Close-up of fond Louis and his smiley mouth twitch while looking at Harry tying Liam’s shoes - 28/9

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If this isn’t the best thing on your dash right now, you’re lying to yourself


If this isn’t the best thing on your dash right now, you’re lying to yourself

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