There are some seriously horrible human beings working behind the scenes and I very much wish them the worst.

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Why does shit always happen on breaks? How is this a break?

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I think your anon was suggesting that you were the person who messaged me about Louis not being in LA. You can publish this, it wasn't babyoflouis!! (: I don't think we ever talked there are a lot of people in Latvia! I don't even know what you think about the situation, but it's okay, you weren't rude to me, this person was. Have a good day! (: xx

Well, there you go, anon. 

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Aren't you from Latvia?worshippedlove*tumblr*com/post/93052505185/

I am, but I don’t see why it matters??? I can assure you I am not going around and spending my time anonymously defending origins of Louis’ tan. To be honest, I spend so less time on tumblr these days that half of the time I have no idea what everyone’s fighting about.

I am sure worshippedlove knows that Louis could have gotten tanned in UK or Latvia or anywhere else, this is not about seeing Louis tanned and saying “omg, he’s tan, he must have been in LA, because that’s the only place with a sunny weather right now!!!”, it’s about people thinking Louis was in LA (there were even rumors about it) and Louis showing up with a tan that supports the theory. It’s fascinating how afraid some people are of the idea about Louis and Harry spending time together or Harry wearing a bracelet from Jay’s wedding. Why are people so afraid that they are friends? There are tons of gifs with them interacting on stage that talk against “Harry and Louis does not interact on stage anymore”, there are backstage hugs and fan photos from SA part of tour, there are moments in interviews and them joking together, also it’s obvious that Anne and Jay still are friends and that Harry loves Tomlinson family, but people are so afraid that their “Harry and Louis are no longer friends because of Larry shippers” theory is falling apart that they are willing to pretend there are no scissors in USA, so go figure.

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can you link me some fics where louis and harry are keeping their realtionship secret from everyone including the boys. and they both are like extreme teases.

i can’t think of anything (and I don’t have a reclist or links saved for any of the fics i love anyway), but maybe my followers know?

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Can I ask how you learnt to manip? Did you watch tutorials and work from there or did you just practise with Photoshop? Cause I've been making manips for a while now and mine always still come out where you can kind of tell one of them has been maniped onto the image because it hasn't blended so well, especially when the images are dark like night candids!

Well, I’ve been working with Photoshop for almost ten years now, so I think it’s mostly practice. Although I only started making manips about 3-4 years ago (and I cringe looking back at them (hell, I cringe looking back at manips I made half a year ago)), after I learned all the tips and tricks about Photoshop like using various blending techniques and how to change colors/mood of an image, how to use adjustment layers etc. Because sometimes it really takes a lot of technical work and knowing what to do to make two images look good.

I used to think that coloring was the most important thing, that is, if I have two images that I want to blend together, they need to be similar in lighting, color scheme, mood (cold/warm colors) and it will make everything easier for me. These days I don’t care about it, because you can change color, light and everything else with Photoshop. What I try to find is similar body/head positions/references. This is a good example where I took completely different colors (one image is light and shiny, other one is dark and yellowish, almost over saturated), but Louis’ body and head position is very similar to the original guy, so I chose to use this one. After I blended the image, I just used tools like hue/saturation, selective coloring, brightness/contrast, curves to make colors match. (You can always start with black/white manips, they are more forgiving in that sense.)

What I do as well is I study the original picture, I look at the shadows and sizes, when I was in high school I sucked at drawing, I could never figure out what perspective is and how shadows work and all that stuff, but it’s crucial for some manips (especially the ones where people are full body size and you can see shadows/legs/etc), for example, when two people stand together and their clothes are touching, there is bound to be some shadow/darkness from that or when two people stand in the same lighting conditions their shadows have to fall in same directions, the ground is always dark under shoes and a little bit around them as well (don’t make people float). I never read any manip tutorials or anything, just studied the photos and other people work, plus read some basic stuff about perspective (objects closer look bigger and farther - smaller etc.), plus as I said, technical knowledge about how to make two images look like they were photos taken at the same place is important. 

If you feel like you can tell the other person is maniped, ask yourself why is that? Does the body look weird? Is it too small or too large? Does the head looks too big? Or maybe skin tone is not even? Try to pinpoint what is that makes it obvious it’s a manip and think about how you can fix it. Also, sometimes I just find that two images that theoretically looked perfect together doesn’t work, like when body positions are weird or unnatural together, then I just stop trying and make something else.

Hope this helps at least a bit, if you have specific questions or you want more examples or my opinions or whatever, feel free to contact me both anon and non-anon. And don’t give up! Ever! Like there are people out there that learn Photoshop in a few weeks, it took me a few years, but hey, I can do it!

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Had the most horrible phone call ever, my mum is at a hospital, some mentally ill patient attacked my mum (she’s a doctor) after she told him that he needs to wait in a line just like everyone else. He hit her head and broke her jaw as well, she was unconscious form the hit but now has opened her eyes, nobody can tell yet if there are even more serious issues (she needs more tests etc) and I’ve been crying for the past hour or so because she is so far away and I am just scared. :/

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in honor of the fourth anniversary of one direction, a moment of silence for everything else i could have been doing with my life

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